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Runflat Tires

Introducing Bridgestone Runflat tires

Runflat tires (RFT) represent the latest in a long line of safety initiatives being made available today.
Safety has become something of a catch cry for a society which has become less accepting of the
trauma associated with all manner of accidents. The value of developing and adopting new technologies to keep us
safe is well recognised. Furthermore, consumers have demonstrated a willingness to pay a premium for safety features
they understand. Just as anti-lock brake systems, traction control,
stability control and air bags have trickled down from upper models to base models, the very same is expected of RFT.

dry traction
   BMW's Z4 use RE050 Run Flat tires
            as original equipment

What of the humble tire? Arguably the most important component on a car,
the tire provides the sole point of contact between car and road and serves to transmit all driving forces.
Although not clearly quantified, tires are thought to play some role in a significant portion of all motor vehicle accidents.

Consider the safety advantages offered by Bridgestone RFT. In the event of a sudden deflation, vehicle stability and therefore driver control are significantly
The risks associated with changing tires at the roadside should also not be underestimated.
Changing tires at the side of a narrow highway on sloping ground at night and in
driving rain with semi-trailers steaming past at 100km/h is no less disconcerting.

RFT also provides more comfort and convenience for the motorist. Within the specified
speed and distance limits (typically 80 km/h for up to 80 km), the driver can either complete
their journey or travel to the next qualified service station without the worry of changing a
flat tire. This means vehicle occupants can continue travelling to important meetings or
events even when tires are totally deflated.
dry traction
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